RTK Message Viewers

What are these viewers used for?

If you experience problems getting good quality fixed solutions in your RTK application and if you are not able to identify the source of these problems while in the field, you may need to record some raw data (including differential corrections received via the radio link) into the rover receiver’s memory and then analyze the collected information in detail in the office, using one of our RTK message viewers.

We offer different kinds of RTK message viewers

Depending on which specific RTK data protocol the base station utilizes, you will need to choose the RTCM 2.3, RTCM 3.0 or CMR/CMR+ viewer. In fact, we offer two separate tools (versions) for each of these three protocols: one version is applicable to "pure" RTK message stream files and the other applies to JPS files with enclosed ("wrapped-echoed") differential corrections. For example, we have the executable RTCM3MessageViewerS.exe to process "pure" stream files with RTCM 3.0 messages, and the executable RTCM3MessageViewerJ.exe to analyze JPS files with RTCM 3.0 messages enclosed in them.

What information about the quality and integrity of differential corrections and raw data can you have using our RTK message viewers?

With these viewers, you can

Note. Each of our RTK message viewers requires the following DLLs to be located in the same folder where the executable resides: rtl60.bpl, tee60.bpl, vcl60.bpl, cc3260mt.dll.

Additional DLLs