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On these pages you’ll find detailed information on our Ultimate RTK solution, the TRIUMPH-LS. We’ve put together two sample base and rover configurations for your review as well as links to videos, data sheets, and manuals which highlight the system’s powerful hardware and software features.

If you have a reliable RTN available where you survey and only require a Network RTK Rover, the TRIUMPH-LS alone will serve you well. However, we strongly recommend that you use your own JAVAD GNSS base station as close to the rover as is practical to obtain fast, robust, and accurate results (especially in challenging environments). But we understand that those RTN’s are so darn convenient. You’ll also find a Network RTK Rover configuration for you to look over as well.

Before you dig into the configuration detail, please check out the amazing features which have made the TRIUMPH-LS our most popular RTK survey system.

EXPLORE the details of our Triumph-LS system

GNSS Review
Form Factor
Data Sheet
RTK Verification
Camera Offset Survey
Visual Stake Out
Introducing RAMS

CHOOSE the configuration that works for you
Below, please find pricing and configuration information for JAVAD GNSS RTK base and rover solutions which are great fits for land survey & construction requirements. Included in the configurations is our awesome 1-watt UHF radio with internal battery for maximum portability. You can also opt for our high power 35-watt UHF radio (HPT435BT) to maximize range for an additional $1,345 over the prices quoted below in Option 3. The price to add the 35-watt radio to Option 2 is $3,490.

To help you decide if 1 watt will be enough power in your RTK toolbox, please note that UHF range will vary based on many factors. In real-world operations, many customers report obtaining 7-8 miles with the 35-watt radio system (HPT435BT) and 1-2 miles with the 1-watt radio system (HPT401BT or TRIUMPH-1M internal). Often, they exceed these ranges when the environment and configuration are optimal.

Option 1 - The Ultimate RTK Base and Rover Triumph-LS Rover + Triumph-3 Base
From $23,980


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Option 2 - The Ultimate RTK Base and Rover
From $22,355



Rugged Case
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Option 3 - Triumph-LS Rover + Triumph-2 Base
From $20,500



HPT401BT Radio
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Option 4 - Triumph-LS Network Rover
From $12,990

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GET STARTED with our easy-to-follow training materials.

Manuals Video lessons Our training materials and video lessons will teach you the fundamentals of your new Triumph-LS system and have you shooting points in no time! Our will teach you the fundamentals of your new Triumph-LS system and have you shooting points in no time!