Silicon Valley is Back to Build

We have purchased over 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space in the heart of Silicon Valley, and updated it to the highest standards of electronic manufacturing services, communication, client support, employee comfort and training.

We have four continuous flow SMT lines complete with inline 3D solder paste inspection and AOI. These lines are highly flexible allowing for diverse and complex products utilizing the latest in component packaging technologies to be assembled and with quick changeover between products enabling high mix, low to medium volume production.

PCB Process Capabilities

  • 0201s
  • uBGA
  • LGA’s
  • QFN’s
  • PoP (package on package)
  • Double sided, BGA assembly
  • Lead-free assembly processes
  • Leaded assembly and Aqueous wash process
  • Automated 3D solder paste PCB inspection for height, volume, area and registration
  • Automated Optical PCB Inspection Systems
  • Automated 3D X-ray inspection

Manufacturing Software

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing software transforms product, process, materials, and real-time data into total manufacturing intelligence. Each element supports the goals of speed, control, and visibility throughout the process from the factory office and product launch activities, through manufacturing execution, and culminating in total traceability, reporting, and monitoring.

Takaya flying probe tester

Designed to detect manufacturing defects on printed circuit boards, the tester utilizes 4 high speed independently moving probes, making it easy to access test points, vias, component pads and fine pitch parts. Fixtureless testers allow for easy inspection of SMT boards and are ideally suited for high board mix prototype applications as well as low and medium volume production runs.

Functional Test Capabilities

We currently support test for various RF technologies including GPS receivers and antenna, 2 Watt, 35 Watt and 100 watt radio modems including narrow band and spread spectrum. Testing is automated through the use of Labview software and GPIB interface.
Test equipment includes:

Network Analyzer 10 KHz to 4.5 GHz
Spectrum Analyzer 9 KHz to 3.6 GHz
Signal Generator 9 KHz to 3.6 GHz
Precision LCR meter

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