Better Performance with Less Power


4 Super Engine RTK in action on TRIUMPH-LS PLUS.
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Upgrade Your LS

Existing TRIUMPH-LS customers can upgrade their units for $5,450. To purchase the upgrade, click above, or contact your sales representative.
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What’s New?

  • Improved signal tracking and multipath reduction
  • Improved spoofer and jammer protections
  • Four “Super Engines” RTK
  • Improved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas. No need for external!
  • Lower power consumption and extended battery life.
  • J-Mate ready
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New integrated antenna with
improved range


Optional J-Mate-ready configuration

The Triumph-LS Plus with the Triumph-3 is incredibly robust. With the standard Triumph-LS and Triumph-2 using GPS and Glonass only, I was able to work in ways I never thought possible, making my business extremely profitable without sacrificing reliability of my data. The Triumph-LS Plus continues to provide the reliable results in an incredibly shorter amount of time with its four multi-constellation engines. The Triumph-3 is incredibly small and powerful. I appreciate the long range Bluetooth and WiFi connections I have with it and the variety of UHF antennas I can use depending on my desired range with its internal UHF radio. I’m anxious to see if the external cellular antenna provides even better cellular reception than other models. Because of the adverse conditions I push RTK to work in, the upgrade cost was easy to justify as I’m sure the return on investment will be very short given the production gains I’m seeing.

-Shawn Billings, PLS

It would have killed us today if we would have tried to do this job with a robot

- Collins Surveying
  Georgia, U.S.A.