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The Ultimate RTK Solution

Explore the details of our Triumph-LS system

GNSS Review
See a review of our equipment from American Surveyor.
Form Factor
User-friendly form factor.
Data Sheet
Download the full TRIUMPH-LS specifications.
Check out our video demonstration.
RTK Verification
TRIUMPH-LS automatically verifies and validates.
True 5Hz RTK! No extrapolations.
Camera Offset Survey
A full photogrammetry demo with Shawn Billings, PLS.
Visual Stake Out
The most pleasant way to stake out. See this review from John Evers, PLS.
Introducing RAMS
View and control your TRIUMPH-LS from anywhere in the world!

User Feedback

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CHOOSE the package that fits your needs

We strongly recommend that you pair TRIUMPH-LS with your own JAVAD GNSS base station as close to the rover as is practical to obtain fast, robust, and accurate results (especially in challenging environments). But we understand that those RTN’s are so darn convenient. If you have a reliable RTN available where you survey and only require a Network RTK Rover, the TRIUMPH-LS alone will serve you well.

Option 1 - The Ultimate RTK Base and Rover Triumph-LS Rover + Triumph-3 Base
From $23,980


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Option 2 - The Ultimate RTK Base and Rover
From $22,355



Rugged Case
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Option 3 - Triumph-LS Rover + Triumph-2 Base
From $20,500



HPT401BT Radio
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Option 4 - Triumph-LS Network Rover
From $12,990

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FCC Licensing

The U.S. FCC requires that an operator of a UHF transceiver be licensed. If you do not have a UHF radio license and wish to obtain one, the team at Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA) will help you complete the process, The cost is approximately $500-$700 for a ten year license.

GET STARTED with our easy-to-follow training materials.

Manuals Video lessons Our training materials and video lessons will teach you the fundamentals of your new JAVAD system!