TRIUMPH-LS and J-Field Hands Free Operation

J-Field is the embedded application program of TRIUMPH-LS. It has the following unique features for each point surveyed:
  • Six parallel RTK engines to maximize solution availability. >>>
  • Automatic Engines Resets, verification and validation strategy.>>>
  • Several graphical and numerical confidence reports and documentation.
  • Voice-to-text conversion for hands free operation and documentation.>>>
  • Lift & Tilt and automatic shots for hands free operation.>>>
  • Visual Stakeout (Virtual Reality).>>>
  • “DPOS it” or “Reverse Shift it” features. The most advanced RTK verification.>>>
  • Photogrammetry and angle measurements with embedded cameras.>>>
  • Automatic or manual photo documentation.>>>
  • Automatic screen shots documentation.
  • Audio files for documentation.
  • Automatic tilt correction.>>>
  • Comprehensive HTML and PDF reports.>>>
  • Comprehensive codes, tags and drawing tools.
  • Over 3,000 Coordinate Systems.
  • Automatic and free software update via Internet.