The first Magnetic Object Finding Olympiad (MOFO)


Adam Plumley, PLS 18/19
Shawn Billings, PLS 17/19*
John Evers, PLS 16/19
Matt Sibole, PLS 16/19
Matt Johnson, PE 15/19
Javad Ashjaee, Ph. D. 11/19

*Shawn was first disqualified for doping, but he appealed and got reinstated by bribing Javad with a bottle of Texas BBQ sauce.

Ahead of the first Mag Objects Finding Olympiad (MOFO), our Michael Glutting had planted 19 mag nails, close together, from 16d common nails to 2-3/4 inch Mag Spikes from ChrisNik, in an 18 x 12 feet land in front of our San Jose headquarters. The site had a great deal of ambient noise from a nearby freeway and construction work. Later we found that the land was also infested with several old junk nails.

Contestants were challenged to find the nails and identify their type from the signal strength.